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What do your employees value most when they work at the office? 


Chances are socialisation has a lot to do with it.

whichdays is the new networking tool that builds physical social networks. 


whichdays is free to use.  You simply promote it as a networking tool in and around your business. 


We see to the rest, helping local businesses offer the things they do best - perhaps a dining discount on quieter days or a promotion at a coffee shop near your office.


whichdays is part of the magnetism of working... socially.



...based on open-connections, rather than connections within one firm.  

This makes it great for sales people, consultants, lawyers, bankers, recruiters, art dealers... anybody who needs to socialise in the course of their work.  

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Find out how whichdays can help your business

whichdays operates in integrated and non-integrated modes.  

Both can help generate a positive employee experience. 

We are happy to discuss what will work in the context of your company's culture.

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