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knowing who's around so you can make the most of every city day.  


Based on your existing contacts, build a trust network of people you are happy to meet up with.  

Using whichdays you get to see who in your network is about (although we never reveal anybody's exact location).  

It's not about everybody or random follow requests.  It's your exclusive network of the people who matter most.


 revolves around you and your trusted network

Anybody you know can be in your network - colleagues, friends, your boss!


 You invite them and ask to see when they'll be near you - typically in the same town or district.  


Soon we'll be adding restaurant, theatre and sports bookings...

the ability to see where favourite bands are playing... whatever you want to do when you decide to meet-up.  

Pilot version 0.1 now in app stores, US, UK, India. 

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