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Our app will work anywhere in the world.  To start with we are focussing on cities.  London, New York, Bengaluru are top of our list (just because we know people there).


If you'd like to be one of our early users - either as an individual or a company - we'll be opening in November.

We are also interested in novel ways of using WhichDays, because we know we've not thought of them all! 

your career, your connections.
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Don't expect perfection and please tell us what you think!

whichdays is free to use.  You can register with any email address you choose and it's your network.  We don't share it with your employer.  

We would suggest only accepting invites from people you know.

Version 1 coming to mobile app stores, November 2022. 


"It's a bit like LinkedIn™ but for people you want to keep meeting."

 pilot user. 

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