Whether you lead a small team or a listed company, lead visibly.

As a leader, you set the cultural tone. 


There's a unique feature in whichdays that allows you to lead work culture by example.  We call it Offer to be Seen.   You simply offer your team to see how and where you are working.  Radical?  Perhaps, but leadership requires visibility.

If your culture is mainly office-based, your team can see when you are in, so they can coincide with you.  If you want to demonstrate that you also work from home or flex space, you can show that too. 

Hybrid working is inclusive.  It needs leaders to do the including, whatever the balance you wish to set. 

Because leaders are visible
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...and set the culture of work.
We work with a small number of consultancies in the delivery of leadership and change programmes.

If you'd like to find out more about our hybrid work leadership programmes, we'd be please to talk. 

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