WhichDays Privacy Policy

We publish our Privacy Policy and Summary Terms of Use so you can see it before deciding whether to use WhichDays.  People don’t read long Terms of Use documents, so we’ve kept ours as short as possible.

 By using WhichDays you are consenting to the Terms of Use and Privacy mechanisms we list here.  The items listed here do not affect your statutory rights. 

  1. WhichDays allows you, the user, to establish a personal network of people with the intention of sharing details about where you intend to be.​

  2. In order to see somebody’s location they have to be part of your personal WhichDays network.  When you start using WhichDays, your personal network is empty. You have to ask permission of other people to add them to your WhichDays network. This is similar to the way in which other products, such as LinkedIn work.  ​

  3. You can add people to your WhichDays network by sending requests.  If they give permission, by accepting your request, they also get to see where you plan to be on particular days.  The disclosure of locational intentions is two-way.​

  4. If you later change your mind about whom you want to allow to see your plans, you can remove them from your WhichDays network. [This feature will not be active during the pilot stage.  Please contact support if you wish to make changes.]​

  5. You can stop using WhichDays at any time.  You also have a right to be forgotten and, if you so wish, we will remove any records we have of your location patterns.  [During the pilot, please contact support should you wish to exercise your right to be forgotten].​

  6. WhichDays doesn’t actively monitor where people are.  It can’t see where you are in real time, via your mobile phone, computer, or office entry system.  It works on the basis of your disclosed locational intentions through the WhichDays application. 

  7. To express your locational intentions, you specify one or more locations via the map interface using the map interface in the application.  WhichDays does not disclose these as precise locations to people within your network.  Only you can see the precise locations you set.

  8.  Those within your WhichDays network can see when you and they are in the same vicinity.  This is achieved through a proximity calculation based on each party’s private precise locations.  WhichDays then informs each party that they are within the other’s vicinity.

  9. ​You can label your preferred locations as you wish.  Be aware that if you choose to label a location as Home, others may be able to infer the approximate area in which you live. 

  10. Should we, Which Days Tech Ltd, add the ability to register your location from any electronic device (computer or mobile phone) we will ask your permission before enabling this feature.  [This is not a feature of the pilot or early versions of WhichDays].

  11. Should we, Which Days Tech Ltd, start using AI or other technology to infer locational preferences, or behaviours, from past patterns, we will ask your permission first.  [This is not a feature of the pilot or early versions of WhichDays].​

  12. If WhichDays is accessing your calendar(s) it will ask your permission first. [This is not a feature of the pilot or early versions of WhichDays].​

  13. Only you and those you make part of your personal WhichDays network can see where you intend to be, or work, on particular days.  This information is not accessible to your employer.  For example, no member of your company’s HR department has access to this information (unless you happen to make an HR representative part of your personal network).

  14. At launch, WhichDays will be free to use. It will be financially supported by advertising within the platform and by sponsorship, on and off-platform.

  15. WhichDays does not disclose your email address, LinkedIn address, or mobile phone number to advertisers. 

  16. WhichDays itself sends emails and other notifications directly to you, for purposes including reminders and notifications of activity within your WhichDays network.  Such emails and notifications may contain links to advertisers that we believe may be relevant to your activities and locations.

  17. WhichDays will offer its advertisers the opportunity to present forms of advertising on-platform, based on your locational intentions.  We will not disclose your identity to advertisers during this process.