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Support Call

Please just check these 3 things before contacting us. 

  1. If the app has frozen, please close it completely on your phone and try logging-in again. 

  2. If you've forgotten your password, there's a mechanism on the home screen to reset it.  Emails are sent to the address you originally opened your WhichDays account with.

  3. If you've made an announcement using the WhichDays Announce function and people haven't received it, here's how it works.  WhichDays announces from your actual location to those of your contacts who have planned to be near you.  Why does it work this way?  It's because WhichDays doesn't track everybody's location all the time.  

We could have designed it many other ways, but this way we are respecting people's privacy.  



For any other issue, please see below.  We'll be back to you within 24 hours.

Please tell us who you are and how we can help you.

WhichDays is a sophisticated app.  

Please be as specific as you can if you are reporting a problem. 

Please tell us which part of the app you are experiencing an issue with.  


If you want to leave WhichDays and for us to delete your data, you can also request this using the form.  


Thanks for submitting!

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